Q. What colours can I choose for my pool enclosure ?
A. We carry 4 different colours as shown , but for a fee you can choose any of the RAL colours.

Q. Are Aquacomet pool enclosures suitable for winter
A. YES ! Our pool enclosures are made to support a weight of 45kg of snow per square meter and can let you enjoy your pool during winter if you have a pool water heater. But we ask you to remove the snow as it is essential to keep the warranty valid.    

Q. Are Aquacomet enclosures safe for children?
A. Yes our enclosures are certified to be safe for children under 5 years old and can be made safer with the key lock.

Q. Will the structure or any parts rust due to corrosion?
A. No, the pool enclosure is made with material that can’t rust.

Q. Do I need a building permission to install a low pool cover?
A. Normally no, a pool enclosure is not a building as it can be removed and can move. But it is always better to ask the council before installing a pool enclosure.

Q. Are Aquacomet pool enclosures easy to move?
A. Our enclosures are designed to be operated by one person, you will be surprised how easy it is to  slide our enclosures open or closed.


The Aquacomet enclosures are made in our factory with the moveable vaults pre-assembled. This means, that mounting on your site requires only the rails to be fixed, then sliding the modules into position,  securing of the locking points and the preassembled front and back walls.

*Installation fees are included in your quotation and depend on location.