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One of the biggest advantages to having a swimming pool enclosure is that it will help keep your pool cleaner. Pool enclosures keep your pool cleaner by acting as a physical barrier that keeps most leaves, sticks, and other debris from falling into the pool. This means you will have to spend less time and money cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool. Also, by having an overall cleaner pool your filters and pumps are less likely to become clogged and damaged.

Swimming pool enclosures can also act as a safety precaution. Children and animals who may wander into your garden are denied access to your pool, preventing accidental drowning.  In many areas, homes that have a pool without a pool enclosure are required to build a fence to prevent accidents.

Pools that are located in areas that experience problems with bugs and flies can greatly benefit from having a swimming pool enclosure installed. The screens on the enclosure can prevent many biting bugs from flying in and ruining any pool party.

Another advantage of the pool enclosure is that the temperature of the water is increased by 5-6 degree.

You can easily have 2 months more to enjoy your swimming pool, the pool enclosure keep the water warmer and let you enjoy your investment.

You can also save on chemical product and have a clear water. If you want to swim during winter you can add a heater to your pool and swim all year long.