-Star with double wall polycarbonate glazing

-Star Plus with clear transparent SAN plate

The Star design is the perfect combination to keep your pool warm, save time on cleaning, reduce chemical use and protect children as well as having a low profile enclosure.

Beam Colours: natural aluminium anodised, or powder coated white ( RAL 9010), moss-green ( RAL 6005 ) or Cream ( RAL 1015 ). Optionally : any RAL colour – Roofing sealed on both sides between EPDM rubber seals. Star Polycarbonate multiwall sheets – thickness of 8mm or Star Plus glass clear SAN of 4mm thickness.

Silicon-rubber seals between the movable segments and under the front walls. Extremely flat rails ( 12mm ), can be expanded to 3-4-5-6 tracks with modules. – If the width of the cover is more than 6m, we use a flat rail 
( 20mm )

Width: 3.5m – 6.0m 
Length: 6m – 14m 
Height: 0.82m – 1.03m