Cover with clear angled glazing

In the enclosure market there is a strong demand for a structurally strong unit whilst maintaining the lowest possible profile. The heat bent SAN glazing enhances the aesthetics of the enclosure. The side sliding door allows easy access to the pool and can be ordered to fit the largest segment.

Beam Colours : natural aluminium anodised, or powder coated white ( RAL 9010), moss-green ( RAL 6005 ) or Cream ( RAL 1015 ). Optionally : any RAL colour – Roofing sealed on both sides between EPDM rubber seals. Silicon-rubber seals between the movable segments and under the front walls. Extremely flat rails ( 12mm ), can be expanded to 3-4-5-6 tracks with modules. – If the width of the cover is more than 6m, we use a flat rail ( 20mm ).

Width: 3.5m – 5.5m
length: 6m – 14m 
height: 1.0m – 1.2m