Aquacomet product are made from high tech materials. Our staff with their many years of experience, are producing tens of thousands square meters of enclosures every year.

Bad weather conditions, extreme temperature and chemicals should not have long term effects on the enclosures. More to the point, they should cope with snow, wind, sunlight, and chemical vapour. The basic requirements for enclosures are that they are to be able to maintain their aesthetic and functional properties and that degradation should be in proportion to the passage of time. Our designer’s main consideration has always been to create durable solutions, as this security is the basis of safe operation.

The enclosures are tested and certified by the very strict European standards that are the result of several years of child-oriented design development. The pursuit of security has challenged the designers in different ways. The enclosures have to be created for three essential conditions; manageability, quality of construction and last but not least economy. Only those solutions that fully meet the three conditions can be successful long term.

The enclosures use only proven and patented technical safety solutions.

The safety of children who live in the surroundings of pool enclosures has been our highest priority.

This is the patented child safe arresting and orienting lock mechanism. After moving, it automatically locks the segments of the enclosure. The proper key can easily open the segments. This innovative mechanism is sunk into the support profile and is elegantly simple.

Solid glazing rubber seal on both sides. Unique air-chamber polycarbonate discs. Rubber mount seal.

OnRoll segments rolls on bearing wheels for easy rolling, leaving the pool surrounding walking surface clear.

The tracks can be upgraded without gap, 2-3-4-5-6 or more motion segments can be added. The track height is 12mm.

The super-flat rails are more aesthetic and the installation can be incorporated at the pool construction time.

Aquacomet patented invention, hidden automatic stopper to fixed the aliminium segments in order to seal the enclosure.

The wheels are double-sided anti-dust chrome steel ball bearings, to minimize rolling resistance. That is why you can easily open and close the cover alone.