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Why choose an enclosure

Choosing the right pool enclosure for you!

Although pool enclosures in general have several of the same advantages (cleanliness and free air and pool water heating, security ...) they have different design and quality characteristics and guarantees. Our sales consultants will, during a visit to your pool site, bring you all their experience to help you with your requirements.

We can adapt the height, width and openings as well as all the technical characteristics to suit your requirements.

To help you with your choice:

The Fixed!
Equipped with optional side doors or sliding entry doors on gable ends they are the least expensive and most popular practical option.

The Telescopic!
The vaults move on wheels and rails. They telescope into each other by opening either from one end or the center.

You have Freedom to use your pool when you want, independent of the weather. Offering optimum interior space, it is great to spend time at your pool to rest and relax, entertain your family and friends or simply enjoy the private serenity.