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The Choice of Timber


choiceTimber Laminated Beams

This material has been successfully used for decades in the building industry, but also in particularly aggressive environments, such as salt storage sheds, bridges and almost all public swimming pools, allows the combination of aesthetics, strength and durability. More mechanically resistant than any other materials used in the design of telescopic swimming pool enclosures. All the wooden arches which we deploy are approved by the most stringent quality bodies in terms of mechanical resistance and anti-damp treatment.

STANDARDS NF 50-100 (guaranteed wood moisture)
STANDARD NFP 90309 (warranty works, safety compliance).


choiceChoice for the Future

The factory is responsible and very conscious of its environmental obligations. All timber used in our structures comes from selected suppliers who respect the charters relating to the management of forests in the context of sustainable development (PEFC). The wood is sourced exclusively from forests where reforestation is practised and biologically diversity is protected. Preserving nature today is to act responsibly for tomorrow.