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The 17 benefits of the pool enclosure


1. Security: Access to the pool is not possible for a child when the enclosure is correctly closed.
2. Compliance with European standard NFP 90 30
3. Increase in temperature of the water of 6 to 10 ° C (without additional heating)
4. Prolongs pool use to 6 months + per year, or throughout the year with an air heating unit.
5. Always ready for you to swim (early morning, late evening or whenever you want ...)
6. No more risk of frost during the winter
7. Effective protection against ingress of pollution and leaves etc
8. Reduced maintenance and less regular cleaning of the pool filters
9. Savings on water treatment products (about 30% less) because of UV filtered roof.
10. Protection against the wind while swimming.
11. Fewer algae develop by photosynthesis (UV)
12. Protects the pool from rain that upsets the pH of water
13. Greatly reduces the evaporation of the pool water.
14. Environmentaly friendly: reduces water requirement for topping up.
15. Can replace conventional pool surface covers
16. Sustainable Investment: 10 year warranty
17. Increases the value of your property.