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Swim Everyday... All Year Round

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Three good reasons to enclose your pool




Making your pool safe
ensures peace of mind

Since 01.01.2006, all unenclosed inground swimming pools in most of Europe, whether private or commercial, need to be equipped with a safety fence or enclosure.

For you; the peace of mind!



Your extended swimming
is fun all year

Thanks to the "greenhouse effect", i.e. the sun’s free infra red radiation through the pool enclosure roof ensures a free natural increase of 7°C to 9 °C of the air temperature as well as the pool water temperature. Come rain, wind or snow.

Swim in all seasons!



Protection from
the Elements

Your pool is protected from external pollutants (leaves, soil, dust, sand even animals). Watch the leaves fall in autumn, but not in the pool ever again...

This means crystal clear water for you!