Commercial Pool Enclosures

Today, we are the number one manufacturer of laminated beam pool enclosures for public areas.

We have customers in every sector of activity – municipalities, schools, holiday villages, campsites, hotels and restaurant terraces – to cite just a few examples.

With more than 40 years of experience in the carpentry trade, our highly efficient glue-laminate production unit, our design studio and our sales advisors all listen attentively to your requirements to make the best possible choices for your project.

Quite apart from its high mechanical resistance, glue-laminate timber allows you to reconcile beauty, environmental compatibility and quality concerns in relation to the different bodies to whom you are accountable, but also to your customers.

As part of continuous efforts to improve our processes, we quite naturally choose to take steps to protect the environment too. All the timber which goes into making our products comes from selected suppliers who comply with forest management charters aimed at sustainable development (PEFC). The wood is sourced exclusively from forests where reforestation is practised and biologically diversity is protected. Preserving nature today is to act responsibly for tomorrow.

Some examples: